The Admission Process

Graduating from high school is a very exciting time for students; however, for those students who are planning on attending college, it is also a time of stress as they work their way through the college admission process.  Two ways you can alleviate some of this stress is to make sure you know when to take your college entrance exams, and that you are clear about your chosen school’s admission timetable.  As long as students stay organized, understand the college admission process and know the policies of each school they are applying to, finding and starting a university or college can actually be fun!

College Entrance Exams

Students should take their ACT or SAT, for the first time, no later than the spring of their junior year.  If students take their first exam early, they will have plenty of time to retake it in the fall or spring of their senior year to bring up their scores, if they end up needing to do so.  It is wise to find out the different requirements for each school you are applying to regarding entrance exams; every school is different in their minimum scores required for admission and scholarships.  You may find that you only need to raise your score by a few points to have access to free money for school; and you can do so if you have given yourself time to retake your entrance exams.

Admission Timetables

If you have a school that you are absolutely sure that you want to attend, check to see if that school has an early college admission process.  Some schools offer this choice for students who want to apply during the fall of their senior year.  However, many schools state that if you are accepted during early admissions, you MUST attend that school; so only make use of this opportunity when you do not have any doubts about your college choice.

Regular admission timetables will require you to have all of your materials turned in during the spring of your senior year; exactly when during the spring varies by school.  Some admission deadlines will even run into the summer.  Do not turn in half-completed admission paperwork!  A good option may be for you to consider using the common application, available online.  Find out if the university or college you are applying to accepts this option.

You can also ask your high school about getting college admission process.

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