Top 100 School Scholarship Resources

 College and Scholarship Searches

  1. If you are interested in searching a database for scholarships, Fastweb is one of the best resources to help you find scholarships that you are eligible to apply for. Visit to get started.
  2. One of the best known websites for providing information about college, you can find colleges, scholarships, admissions info and more at Peterson’s College Search.
  3. Find help with your scholarship search and application process at Student Scholarship Search. You will find free tips and information along with a host of information on both local and national scholarship opportunities.
  4. For a scholarship search, helpful articles about applications, choosing a college, and how to prepare for college, along with a multitude of other resources, check out Careers and Colleges.
  5. If your career aspirations are focused in the healthcare and nursing fields, you can find scholarships specifically for nursing students at

Tips on How to Apply for Scholarships

  1. Although there are plenty of national scholarships that are available, there are perhaps even more private scholarships and grants that students can find to apply for. These opportunities may be more realistic because the applicant pool is much smaller than for the national awards. Check out this article to learn more about where to find these private scholarships:
  2. There are a lot of factors that go into the evaluation process for a scholarship award. Find out a few tips to help put you ahead of your competition at CBS News.

General College and Scholarship Info

  1. If you want to find out about scholarships, top colleges by state, textbooks, as well as a few scholarships by major, you can stop by to learn more about scholarships and college.
  2. To get details about a variety of financial aid options, as well as advice and answers to questions about financial aid for college, check out
  3. If your focus is online education, visit the Online Education Database to find programs, degrees, and colleges that you can enroll in.
  4. To search for scholarships, loans, colleges, and find tips about becoming a college student, check out Scholarship Experts.

Scholarship Essay Contests

  1. The U.S. Institute of Peace offers a National Peace essay contest for high school students each year. Find out the next essay topic and details of the contest at the Institute’s website.
  2. Students who are interested in World War II can enter the National WWII Museum’s essay contest to earn a scholarship.
  3. Science students can try their hand at essay writing with the DuPont Challenge, a science essay competition.
  4. The American Foreign Service Association offers a scholarship to students who are interested in the Foreign Service. Learn more about their essay contest on their website:
  5. For American history buffs, check out the scholarship essay contest at the Bill of Rights Institute.

Scholarships for Teachers

  1. If you are interested in becoming a teacher, you’re in luck. Teaching Tips has provided their own list of scholarships just for teachers.
  2. Among the many unusual scholarships available to students of all kinds, has a page specifically for teachers and education majors.
  3. Teachers Count is an excellent resource for aspiring teachers in search of scholarships, as well as experienced teachers interested in finding help for their schools or classrooms.

Scholarships for Nursing

  1. The Health Resources and Services Administration or HRSA offers a scholarship program for nursing through their organization. Learn more about the requirements for this program at:
  2. One of the best resources for financial aid for college is through a specific organization involved in your field. For example, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing provides information about financial aid to students pursuing a career in nursing:
  3. If you are a member of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, find out more about the scholarships and grants they offer through their organization.
  4. Just as doctors specialize in different areas of medicine, nurses can specialize in an area of their field as well. For those specializing in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, you can learn about the scholarships that are available in your field at the American Psychiatric Nurses Association.

Medical Scholarships

  1. The American Academy of Neurology offers awards to students in the field of neurology. Visit their website to find out about the opportunities available through this organization:
  2. Johns Hopkins is distinguished as one of the top medical schools in the country, and they offer information about external scholarships for their students on their website.
  3. The Mayo Clinic, yet another prestigious medical school, offers scholarships through the school itself, but also provides information about outside scholarships and where to find them.
  4. Students who are studying in Massachusetts may find help with their medical school costs through the Massachusetts Medical Society.
  5. The SOMA Foundation offers information about scholarships for medical careers in other areas of the field like osteopathy.

Scholarships for Your Major

  1. If you are pursuing a career in aviation, visit the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) website to learn more about scholarship opportunities available to you.
  2. Psychology students can find scholarships and awards through the American Psychological Association. Check out the APA’s website to find awards that you are eligible for.
  3. Engineering and technical students can check into SAE International for scholarships that they may be eligible for. Visit their website to learn more about the opportunities available.
  4. Aspiring restaurateurs can check out the scholarships available through the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.
  5. Students who are interested in studying abroad will be happy to know about the AFS-USA program that provides scholarships and financial assistance to students who want to expand their horizons by studying in a foreign country.
  6. Chefs and culinary students can find scholarships for their academic pursuits through the Reluctant Gourmet. While this is not an organization offering financial aid, it has a pretty comprehensive list of other organizations and associations that you can check into for scholarships.
  7. Beauty and cosmetology scholarships are offered through such national companies as Great Clips and other similar organizations. Check out what scholarships are currently available in this field at their website:
  8. Vet school, just like medical school, isn’t cheap. For information about a few vet school scholarships and further resources for vet students, visit Future Vet.
  9. Archaeology majors can find a scholarship opportunity through the Archaeological Institute of America.
  10. Law school students typically have higher tuition rates than other graduate students because they are pursuing a more specialized degree and are expected to have higher earnings than other graduates later on. Visit Admissions Dean to find information about law school, the LSAT, and scholarships for law students.

Scholarships for Single Parents and Returning Adults

  1. Whatever your circumstances, if you want to go back to school as a single parent, has accumulated a list of opportunities that can help single parents get back to their education.
  2. The Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund exists to help adult female students who did not previously have the opportunity to attend college.
  3. Find resources to help single parents go back to school at the Online Education Database. From scholarships to online education options, you can learn more about returning to school as an adult here.
  4. For those single mothers who are interested in pursuing a career in nursing, there are a few resources dedicated to helping single moms or parents with this goal. Read more about single parent financial aid for school at Top Schools for Nursing.

Scholarships for International Students

  1. The Institute for International Education offers extensive information about education for people around the world. For people interested in a broader educational worldview, learn about the programs and training available through the IIE.
  2. International students can find information about scholarships and financial aid that applies to their college search at IEFA, the International Education Financial Aid website.

Scholarships for Your Heritage or Ethnic Background

  1. Students looking for scholarships based on their heritage or nationality can visit Scholarships 4 Students to find awards they qualify for.
  2. African American students can apply for scholarships through the NAACP. Learn more about the scholarships available as well as the qualifications for these awards at the NAACP website:
  3. Native American students are eligible for scholarships through the SAA, or Society for American Archaeology. Learn more about the scholarships offered and the requirements for the applicants at their website:
  4. Another opportunity available to Native American students is through the American Indian College Fund. Visit their website to find out how you can apply.
  5. For Hispanic students in Florida, there are scholarship opportunities available through the Hispanic Heritage Scholarship Fund.

Scholarships for Women

  1. Engineering is one of the professional fields that is often disproportionately populated by male professionals. Visit the Society of Women Engineers’ website to learn about scholarships for female students.
  2. Aspiring female accountants can check out the Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting to learn about scholarships available to them.
  3. The Business and Professional Women’s Foundation offers career advancement scholarships for women interested in professional development.
  4. For more scholarships for women, check out the list at WE magazine for opportunities exclusively for women.

Scholarships for Your Health Background

  1. The Diabetes Scholars Foundation offers scholarships to students who are involved in the diabetes community and have shown promise in their academic career.
  2. The National Hemophilia Foundation is another resource for students who have been diagnosed with a bleeding or blood clotting disorder and are searching for financial assistance with college. Visit their website to find out about the scholarships provided by this organization:
  3. The American Foundation for the Blind provides financial aid to students who are visually impaired.

Scholarships for Your Military Service

  1. The US Navy is just one military branch that offers scholarships to students who wish to provide service in exchange for tuition assistance. Learn more about the education options through the Navy at
  2. Students who want to serve in the U.S. Air Force ROTC have the chance to apply for scholarships and financial assistance programs through the organization.
  3. If you plan on pursuing a medical career, the U.S. Army can help. Visit to learn more about their Health Professions Scholarship Program and the relevant qualifications.

Scholarships for Greek Life Students

  1. Members of the Theta Chi Fraternity are eligible for scholarships that are founded by the organization or by members. Learn about some of the awards available to members on their website:
  2. Tau Kappa Epsilon members have a number of scholarships available to them through various organizations. Check out the list of opportunities at the TKE website:
  3. SigEp offers scholarships to incoming freshman around the country with the Balanced Man program. Learn more about the qualifications and participating schools at the SigEp website:
  4. Gamma Phi Beta sisters are eligible for several scholarships and fellowships through the foundation. Visit their website to learn more about these financial aid opportunities:

Scholarships for Your Affiliation

  1. Former Girl Scouts can apply for scholarships through a variety of avenues. Visit the Girl Scouts website to search for scholarships reserved for students who participated in the Girl Scouts.
  2. The American Legion provides scholarships for several different groups of applicants including baseball, oration, Eagle Scouts, and others. Learn more about scholarships through the Legion at:
  3. If you belong to a church or religious denomination, there may be scholarships for you through the organization. For example, students who belong to the United Church of Christ can visit their website to find some opportunities.
  4. The Daughters of the American Revolution offer scholarships to students for a variety of different study programs. While you don’t have to be a member of the DAR, it might be beneficial if you are involved with the organization.

Other Financial Aid Resources

  1. FAFSA, or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is the primary choice to get financial assistance for college. Applying for grants through FAFSA provides you with the opportunity to receive any government grants that you are eligible for. Visit to begin your application.
  2. If you haven’t received enough money from grants or scholarships to afford your tuition, you can still find student loans to help you make it through the semester. Check out Sallie Mae for student loan information:
  3. To find government programs providing financial aid, careers, and information about government funding, visit
  4. High school students have another resource to use for scholarships: The Imagine America Foundation. Visit their website to learn which colleges participate in their scholarship program:
  5. The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation offers awards to college students through their scholarship program. Check out their scholarships at
  6. All students should check out the opportunities for scholarships through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. These scholarships are for a variety of students, so visit the website to find out if you are eligible for one of them.
  7. Textbooks are going to be one of your biggest expenses throughout college. Check out Campus Book Rentals for an affordable alternative to buying textbooks through the school bookstore, and check out their scholarship program for book rentals as well.
  8. One of the best places to find scholarships is through the college you are planning to attend. Visit your school’s website to find their financial aid resources and learn how you can apply for scholarships through the school.

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